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What's up in Check the news page, doc!

A status page is also available for those of you that have their web site hosted here.


I'm working on some experimental debian packages. They are available in a public repository. If your OS is Debian GNU/Linux, just add to your /etc/apt/source.list:
deb distro main
deb-src disto main
where distro can be one of these: lenny wheezy jessie stretch buster stable

If you don't want to confirm every time you trust my packages, you can add my key to your apt ring of trust, as root:
wget -O - | apt-key add -


Dungeons and Dragons probably is the most famous Role Playing Game. The official world is Greyhawk. I have a few resources about it. I played a seaman, so I got interested in tides. My tides almanac is now online.
I you want to know how to get a free digital version of the Player Handbook or the Dungeon Master Guide, have a look here.



Some people keeps sending me mails with jokes and funny drawings. I put some of these in this directory.


Internet Relay Chat was the traditional chat system on the internet.
You can read here a translation in French of RFC1459, the IRC official technical reference. There are now more recent ones I haven't translated.



Here are some pictures of trips I made in China, Mexico, France...

I like to skate in Paris streets, especially at night. Here's the illustrated story of one of our famous soirées cigare, in French. I even tried skating on a roof!



Here's the usual link page.

And here's a science fiction books list I liked, too.