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My Favorite books

If you don't know yet, I love Science-Fiction. That's why my bookcase isn't quite big enough, but my main problem is to find interresting books to read. I am making this list in the hope that it will help you choosing some good books. I liked all these books. Those I din't liked aren't in.

Douglas Adams

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

A must have!
To know more, go and see Morkai's page...

Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game

This first book relates a child's life, Ender, who is beeing trained since birth to become the head of the army against Extra-Terrestrial invaders. The game to wich the title refers is played in weightlessness. The children are wearing special suits and must paralize others, for the game length. The general ambiance of this book is sad, but it is great.

Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide

Speaker for the Dead tell how Ender, who became some kind of monk, expurgate his feelings about having destroyed a civilisation. The trilogy ends with Xenocide, where Ender try to protect another life form on a colonized planet. A must read if you liked the first book.

William Gibson


Case used to be a Cow Boy, one of these hackers of The Matrix, the universel digital network. But he tried to swindle one of his employers, and they made him cerebrally unable to connect anymore. Then Case is being offered an new treatment that would cure him by an Artificial Intelligence, Wintermute, who need some more freedom.

Franck Herbert

Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Chapter House Dune.

{ desciption to come... }

Kim Stanley Robinson

Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars

These three weigthy tomes describe the colonization and the terraformation of Mars. From the first settlers, up to the independance wars, the story is very reallistic, with political figthings, and emotionnaly complex characters. What striked me is the faith the Author has in Science.

Note: I took my nickname, Nirgal, from theses books.

Robert Silverberg

Lord Valentine's Castle, Majipoor Chronicles, Vantentine Pontifex.

Valentine, a simple juggler, is having strange dreams: He sees the ruling characters of his world. When he ask advice from a dream reader, et learn he once was the legitimate Lord Valentine, that he has been moved in another body, and that he must take back the Throne! Not an easy thing to do since he is on the other side of the planet, in an body that isn't his! His first task is to convince his mother, The Lady of The Dreams, then his father, the powerfull Pontifex that he is who he pretends to be.

Patrick Tilley

The Amtrak Wars: Cloud Warrior, First Familly, Iron Master, Blood River, Death Bringer, Earth-Thunder

These 6 novels describe three postapocaliptic social systems that are fighting. That is a technological militarian world, full of lies; An amer-indian-like community, full of magic; And a midle-age nipon-like feudal world.

In the begining, the hero is a soldier in the technological system. Then he discover the truth is somewhat different that what he has been told.

J.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings

Does one have to present the anthology of Eroic Fantasy style writing? Ok, just for the fun then:
In a small village of the world, a young Hobbit is beeing asked a important task: He must go throuth Middle-Earth up to the Crack of Doom to destroy the only thing that could bring the final domination of the Dark Lord.