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Dungeons & Dragons

You can find some information about Greyhawk world here.

You can find on this server a list of wonderous items (3rd edition) as a rich text format file, and the dmg and the player (2nd edition) as windows help files.

Most of the books published by HasbroYou are leaving can be downloaded as PDF files from a huge number of places around the world using a p2p software such as mldonkeyYou are leaving (freeware), eDonkeyYou are leaving (addware, spyware), or overnetYou are leaving (addware, spyware). The best search strings probably are "wotc" and "d&d".

Here are direct download links if you have mldonkey, edonkey or overnet installed:
WTC88165 Deities & Demigods (Indexed and Web Enhanced).pdf
WotC xxxx - D&D 3e - The Tower of Deception.pdf
WotC xxx - Caves Of Anicient Secrets 2001 (Bonus Return To The Tempel Of Elemental Evil).pdf
WotC free - D&D - Familiars.pdf
WotC 11964 - D&D - Forgotten Realms - Magic of Faerun.pdf
WotC 11850 - D&D - Manual of the Planes.pdf
WotC 11847 - D&D - Heart of Nightfang Spire.pdf
WotC 11845 - D&D - Tome and Blood.pdf
WotC 11830 - AD&D - 3rd Edition - The Speaker in Dreams.pdf
WOTC - D&D 3rd - PHB Errata.pdf
D&D 3E - Enemies and Allies.pdf
D&D - FR - WotC - Lords of Darkness.pdf
D&D - FR - WotC - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.pdf
D&D - FR - WotC - Faerun Map.pdf
D&D - Core Rules - WotC - Psionics Handbook.pdf
D&D - Core Rules - WotC - Player's Handbook.pdf
D&D - Core Rules - WotC - Player's Handbook [No Graphic].pdf
D&D - Core Rules - WotC - Monster Manual.pdf
D&D - Core Rules - WotC - Dungeon Master's Screen.pdf
D&D - Core Rules - WotC - Dungeon Master's Guide.pdf
D&D - Accessory - WotC - Song and Silence.pdf
D&D - Accessory - WotC - Masters of the Wild.pdf
D&D - Accessory - WotC - Defenders of the Faith.pdf

General tools

Dice emulator.

Tales (French)

Here are boring diaries of some of the characters I played.

Campaign 8: D&D. Gary is a halfling druid
Seventh campaign: D&D. Caramip is a gnome sorcerer
Sixth campaign: D&D. Orias is a monk/druid
Fifth campaign: Dongeon. Babar is a monk elephant.
Fourth campaign: INS. Doc is a follower of Abalam, Prince of Madness.
Thrid campaign: D&D-Greyhawk. Furnok was a druid sailor.
Second campaign: D&D-BirthRight. Fraenox was druid too.
First campaign: D&D. Zimiel was mage/druid.