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nirgal's links

That useless list is updated once every 3 years. You've been warned.

                POP3: RFC1460
                Internet Relay Chat information (IRC)
                IRC's Homepage at Funet, Finland
                mIrc homepage
                HTML 4.0 Specification
                Atom Syndication Specification
        The Electronic Frontier Foundation
        The Pirate Bay
Playstation 1 (1994)
        Psx Web Network Home Page
        PlayStation [Unofficial]
Other cool sites
        International Space Station
                ISS VRML model from MSNBC
                NASA Human Space Fligth web
                ESA ISS web
        Aljazeera news (English)
        MSNBC (news)
        Enigma - The lyrics
France specific links
                Déboulonneurs (anti-pub)
                Collectif anti-ogm d'Île-de-France
        Météo francaise
        Info traffic Paris & proche banlieue
        European TV Guide
Nirgal specific links
        My address book
        Sites I worked on and that still are online
                Templiers Productions