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This is changelog - boring stuff for almost everyone. Some entries are in french, others in english.

2017 11 22 • Bye bye subversion

I completed today the svn to git migration. Most of my code is now available at Any project X can be cloned anonymously using:

git clone git clone

I also have some code on github.

2016 07 19 • IP Source routing

I worked on a little script to easily set up ip source routing. That is when a computer has more that 2 network interfaces and you want to answser on the non-default gateway, including for WAN packets.

Exemple usage for /etc/netork/interface:

iface eth0 inet dhcp
iface eth7 inet static
post-up source-route

It also supports IPv6.
Source is available at svn://
Package is available in my Debian repository.

2013 07 15 • Debian repositories

I modified the structure on my Debian repositories in order to support several architectures and several distributions.

If you are using my repository, you must update your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
deb distro main
deb-src disto main
where distro can be one of these: lenny oldstable wheezy stable

Supported architectures are i386 and amd64.

2012 05 28 • Antzzz

I started to play a little time consuming game named fourmizzz. You can find a few resources here.

2011 09 11 • mdbtools

I worked a bit this past year on mdbtools, a library to read Micro$oft Access mdb files from linux. Version 0.7 release candidate 1 is available in my Debian repository.

2009 01 25 • python-decoratedstr

This small python library provide functions for accentuated characters and ligatures handling:
input: Œuf
undecorated: Oeuf
regex: (œ|Œ|[oòóôöøōŏőOÒÓÔÖØŌŎŐ][eèéêëēĕėęěEÈÉÊËĒĔĖĘĚ])[uùúûüũūŭůűųUÙÚÛÜŨŪŬŮŰŲ][fF]
It's available in my debian repository and with subversion: svn co svn://

2008 12 22 • Https and more importantly are now available using https, that's using a point to point encrypted connection.

2008 04 05 • Subversion move

I moved my personnal projects subversion repository to a new url. From now on, in order to see my code, use:
svn co svn://

2008 03 10 • Debian repository and curcy

I've been playing with a few scripts since last june, about international currency rates. I decided to make a Debian package of it. It's called curcy. It's really experimental, but I can't see any reason why I shouldn't share it. Today, I fixed a few bugs in it, and released version 0.1.4. You can have it from my debian repository, that becomes public today!

If you run Debian GNU/Linux, you can add my repository to your /etc/apt/source.list :
deb ./
deb-src ./

Right now theses packages are for testing. I haven't given much tought about distro yet. You can expect these url to change when I'll split lenny and etch.

2008 03 10 • Subversion

I finally installed a revision control system, for my own coding projects. Anonymous access is enabled. To fetch the lastest revision of everything - and that's really not much right now - just type:

svn co svn://

I took me a while to understand I needed to set thet umask to 0002 instead of my default 0022 during repository creation, so that people in svn group can have write access.

It's available in both IPv4 and IPv6, thanks to tcp46 handler in inetd.

2008 03 06 • Cache

J'ai optimisé mon site pour que les pages dynamiques utilisent le système de cache du protocole HTTP. Elles calculent la date à laquelle elles ont été modifiées et renvoient cette valeur dans un en-tête "Last-Modified"; Lorsqu'une requête spécifie qu'elle a déjà cette version, une page vide de status "304 Not Modified" est renvoyée.

Si vous ne remarquez rien, c'est que tout marche bien. ^^

2008 02 17 • Mes bouquins favoris

J'ai exhumé d'un vieux backup une page de 1996 où je listais les livres que j'ai bien aimé. Vu comme il est parfois compliqué de trouver des bouquins sympas, je me suis dis que c'était le genre de page qui pouvais être utile à d'autres. Alors la voilà restaurée.

2008 02 13 • Français

J'ai poursuivi les traductions de mes pages. Quand une page est disponible en plusieurs langues, il y a désormais un lien en bas de la page. C'est surtout utile pour moi, car ça évite de changer les préférences de mon navigateur pour tester.

J'ai aussi enfin traduis la page d'accueil. Par contre, du coup, elle a repris la présentation type en une seule colone.

2008 01 30 • Clean up

I took some time this morning cleaning up very old static web pages that were using the pre-2001 style. It feels good to finally remove a whole bunch of stuff that where still hanging around, like backgrounds images or flashy gif images with the word NEW.

2008 01 28 • Feeds

I rewrote again many internal mechanisms for my pages.

Feeds now are available on several pages, including hosting status information. I choosed the atom format over RSS as it is well documented in RFC 4287, and more modern.

2006 05 19 • PHP

I rewrote all dynamic content using PHP. There's nothing really new yet, but a few French translations, and a footer that I intend to extends to all pages. It will allways contents "login" and "site map".

2004 04 27 • Coup de gueule • French public debt update

I updated the counter from the latest available data.

2003 10 28 • nikel is going java

I've been playing with a language compiler for more than two years now. I was expecting to do something that look like java, but that was realy open. However, gjc is working pretty well, so I decided to stop working on nikel. I spent the last three days porting to java. The job is complete. If you didn't noticed anything, it means the job was well done. :)

2003 10 06 • Mail form

I finally created a form to post me a mail. I will deactivate my public mail, in a hope it will significantly reduce spams.

2003 10 05 • Search feature

I added today a form to the homepage in order to search the site for keywords. Thanks google.

2003 10 01 • Links update

I updated the link page today, removing many broken links, and removing the dirty m$ specific scripts, so that everybody can access it.

2003 09 30 • Pdf resume

My resume is now available in pdf format too.

2003 09 09 • New server is now running on a new, faster computer. Moreover, it is now using a new ISP that is 3 times faster too. The IP address has changed.

2003 06 26 • Coup de gueule • French public debt update

I updated the counter from the latest available data. The global amount just jumped around 50 billion €.

2002 12 16 • address book

My brand new address book allows you to see the url of people I know.

I deleted today my old #radionet web page. Its content has been split into the address book, the irc page, and the picture albums.

2002 11 28 • is a web site for my friends. It basically is a mirror of, but with a few additionnal features. I deployed today a new version of the pictures album list, and photo browser. You have a nice "login" link on the bottom right of that page, allowing you to see more pictures.

2002 10 01 • Coup de gueule • La dette publique

A new page is about french public deficit (in French).

2002 10 01 • Pictures of my cat

Here are some pictures of Bouffetout.

2002 05 21 • Pictures from Aigues Morte

I visited Aigues Morte city yesterday. This is a beautifull walled city in the South of France. The pictures are online.

2002 05 15 • RPG page

I made today a custom RPG page, replacing the dirty automatic page generated by Apache.

2002 04 25 • French Election

I created today a web page, in French, against Le Front National

2002 01 03 • 20,000 visitors welcomed today its 20,000th visitor.

2002 01 02 • Terrorism?

Today, I translated in French a web page from the New Zealand police regarding the bombing commited by french government forces in 1985. Here it is. One person died in that event. No comment...

2001 11 29 • Dungeons & Dragons

I started a new Dungeons & Dragons campain. The universe of that campain is the official world of ADD: Greyhawk. I made a page with a few ressources, including some maps and a calendar. I am playing a seaman and got interested in tides. I spent quite some time trying to analyze the consequences of an additional moon in the sky and finally made a consistent tide almanach I am quite proud of. :)

As usual, I also put online a boring diary of my character Furnok, in French.

2001 10 10 • Relooking in progress

Things are't moving very fast, but I switch a few pages to the new look everyday, so the job should be complete by the end of the week. Up to now, the following section have been patched: News, Irc, Humour, links, the Java Games pages, and most of the role playing and photo pages.

One big part will be a change in the home page. I need to do something about it, but I can't think exactly what. If you have any idea, send me a mail!

2001 10 10 • The end of the book page

I finally removed the list of my favorite books. That was a cool page when one could find no cool sites on that topic, but now, you can find them almost anywhere, so I just removed it.

2001 10 06 • Explosing Racing

I realeased today a lot of passwords for Explosive Racing game. Many thanks to Xavier for his mail.

2001 10 03 • Role playing games

The role playing game pages joins today the other game pages in the game section.

2001 09 30 • All game stuff in a game section

The Adidas Power Soccer pages, the Explosive Racing pages and the Java Applet Games ones have been grouped in a game section. I wanted the old URL to keep working. Thanks to apache coding guys for making theses redirects so easy to do!

I still need to move the RPG section there...

2001 09 24 • Clean up: Roller & pong

The roller section disapears, it becomes a sub-section of pictures. Pong has been removed from the java applet games, it was much too fast to be worth anything.

2001 09 24 • Relooking starts

I started today a massive relooking of The result will probably be quite ugly for a while. The idea is to try to unify the design of the pages so that the nagivation is easier.

2001 09 23 • Incoming website

Cheer! My sister put her first web pages on my system. The URI will be released soon. :)

2001 09 23 • News creation

I finnaly created a news section. There you are. I doubt a lot of people will find any interresting stuff in here, but I think some of my friends will.

In a way, I think that, at last, I decided to put more personnal stuff on that site. I have some unclear plans about adding an "opinion" section where I'll try to put some ideas that I find interresting. Some disturbing stuff often...

I also created a page with news about hosting.